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* Pretty Awesome Project 

   August 27, 2013 by WRC 

WRC is Happy to Support and be Part of a “Pretty-Awesome Project” for Girls with low self-esteem, founded by Mrs. Ruth Hamilton, a South African author, a freelance writer, a public speaker and an ambassador for change. The mission of Mrs. Hamilton of this Inspiring Project to spread the Awareness as to the Healthy Self-Esteem of girls who are going through a rough time for various reasons such as bullying, and to teach Women of all ages to Love and Accept themselves.

"Pretty Awesome Project" is under construction . .
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* Child Health Advocacy Initiative (CHAI) 

  July 27, 2016 by WRC


WRC is Happy to Support and be Part of the Wonderful organization “Child Health Advocacy Initiative (CHAI)”. CHAI is committed to tackle Rights of Women & Children and Health issues mainly focusing on promoting the 8 crucial areas : 

(a) Nutrition
(b) Immunization, 
(c) Safe Motherhood, 
(d) Child Protection, 
(e) Girl Child Education, 
(f) Rights of Women and Children,
(g) Hygiene & Safety, and 
(h) Female Genital Mutilation.


International Center for Environmental Education & Community Development (ICENECDEV) 

  May 28, 2017 by WRC 

WRC is Happy to Support and be Part of the Wonderful NGO “International Center for Environmental Education & Community Development (“ICENECDEV”)”, established in 2005 in Cameroon, which its Goal is to Improve and Protect the well being of its people in Africa. ICENECDEV has its notion that Environmental Sustainability and the Promotion of Human Rights closely Intertwine and Complementary Purposes that are at the core of Sustainable Development. That is, Ecosystem and the Services they Provide, such as Food, Water, Disease Management, Climate Regulation (which also Aids in Reducing Global Warming), and spiritual fulfillment, are preconditions for the Full Enjoyment of Human Rights, including Rights to Life, Health, Water, and Food. Efforts to Promote Environmental Sustainability can only be Effective if they occur in the context of Conductive Legal Frameworks and greatly informed by the Exercise of certain Human Rights, such as the Right to Information, Public Participation in Decision-making and Access to Justice.


Based on these notions, concentrated goal of ICENECDEV is to:


(a) Promote Environmental Governance & Education as to waste, water, marine litter aid air pollution

(b) Promote & Ameliorate the Conditions of Prisons in Africa;

(c) Promote Alleviate Poverty in Rural Communities; 

(d) Promote Women & Girls’ Education by Constructing a Women Literacy Center in Cameroon

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The Catholic Youth Network for Environmental Sustainability in Africa (CYNESA)

  September 1, 2017 by WRC 

WRC is happy to Support and be Part of the Wonderful NGO “The Catholic Youth Network for Environmental Sustainability in Africa (CYNESA). CYNESA was established in 2012 by teens from Kenya, Ethiopia, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Zambia, Rwanda, and South Africa. CYNESA is the platform through which teens of faith in Africa can be in the frontline to improve and protect the wellbeing of its people in Africa. CYNESA is on a mission to respond to the twin challenges of Environmental Degradation and Climate Change, leading Africa into Ecological Conversion by educating youth in schools, universities, parishes with youth activities at various levels and creating fruitful partnerships in accordance with SDG 17 in order to pay attention and make the difference by giving preferential option to the most vulnerable in Africa. CYNESA has undertaken to educate women faith leaders, to be eco-justice advocates in order to fulfill its commitment towards a better eco-planet as well. Based on these notions, the activities of CYNESA are generally focused on creating core teams of youth leaders in each country, who are to (a) make efforts to strengthen grassroots initiatives already underway, (b) help potential programs to get off the ground, (c) engineer its responses to local culture and faith, working side by side with other organizations in the field, and (d) guide children & teens to take care of their common home, through education and awareness creation. CYNESA is the African Youth Catholic Network in order to deeply care for creation, safeguar the environment and eradicate poverty!


International Center for Environmental Education & Community Development (ICENECDEV) 

  April 1, 2019 by WRC 

WRC is once again happy to Support and be Part of the Wonderful NGO “International Center for Environmental Education & Community Development (ICENECDEV)” for Two New Crucial Projects in Cameroon. 


Air pollution remains a critical task in Cameroon. Due to insufficient emissions inventories, air pollution is becoming a serious leading cause of thousands of death locally, and affecting climate change in overall central Africa. There are a number of causes of air pollution in Cameroon. Wood and garbage burning, petroleum distillates plants, the use of diesel electricity generators, exhaust gas, etc., causing outdoor pollution; while cooking and heating depending on fuels (e.g., wood, charcoal, kerosene) at home causes indoor pollution, which is negatively affecting the health conditions (e.g., cardiovascular disease, such as strokes and heart disease, as well as cancer and respiratory disease) of 97 % of people, mostly women and children. However, due to lack of funding the environmentalists in Cameroon are struggling to research this significant environmental issue and resolve this issue through creative and efficient methods they have in mind as well. And despite the challenges Cameroon is facing, in order to overcome and prevent these critical environmental issues in Cameroon, ICENECDEV is making huge efforts in training and supporting rural women with fuel-efficient cook stoves to Reduce Indoor Air Pollution.

Water pollution is another critical task in Cameroon. And one of the utmost causes of water pollution in Cameroon is poor management of wastewater. That is, the people are using rivers and streams as waste dumps. And this situation is aggravating the degree of water pollution caused by poor drainage system and leading to waterborne diseases such as cholera as well. Thus, in order to overcome and prevent water pollution in Cameroon, ICENECDEV is exerting itself in initiating to Combat Marine Plastic litter and Micro Plastic Along the West Coast of Cameroon, by (a) committing to tackle of marine litter by suggesting and recommending a national collection; (b) promoting community based organizations and plastic companies to participate in beach clean-ups Activities In Cameroon; (c) engaging companies, business and shops to inform customers on the negative environmental impact of plastics carrier bags and microplastic; and (d) supporting the Ban on microplastics by the Cameroon Government; Promoting research and community investigation on plastics on marine wildlife along the west Coast of Cameroon; and Establishing an informal Network to Combat Marine litter in Cameroon!

Step by step, ICENECDEV has been endeavoring and is continuously , making its effort in order to tackle the environmental crisis the country is facing. Please join us and show your support for the critical Two Projects! 

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* Stand Up Against Sex-Trafficking of Minors (Teen Up) (십대여성인권센터)

   January 4, 2020 by WRC 

WRC is happy to Support and be Part of the Wonderful NGO “Stand Up Against Sex-Trafficking of Minors (Teen Up) (십대여성인권센터)”. “Stand Up Against Sex-Trafficking of Minors” was established in 2012 in South Korea, by its President JinKyeong Cho, a Renown Human Rights Activist in South Korea, to support teens and children who are victims of sex trafficking and to change social awareness of this crucial issue. Teen Up is the pioneer to prevent sex-trafficking of minors aiding over 8,000 young women and 20,000 counseling cases and also assisting the children with intellectual disability exploited by prostitution. 

Child Prostitution is one of the hideous crimes of sexual exploitation and abuse by adults. And the reality of child prostitution is very serious. Age of the females involved in prostitution is getting lower which average ranges in 12 to 16. Many homeless girls are introduced to prostitution as means to get food and shelter, which is continued for a long period of their time, which links to other serious crimes such as drug-related crimes, homicide, etc.. Additionally, smart phone generation enables smart phone chatting applications to become an easy target as a primary channel for prostitution. All these are one of the most serious issues that almost every country is experiencing. 

Thus, in order to ameliorate this grave issue, since 2012, Teen Up has set up:

a) synthetic and holistic support systems such as Youth Growing-Up Camp & Hope Raising Process (a program for youth and child prostitution victims for deprostitution, raising self-respect, social integration, relationship build-on, therapy and healing)

b) documenting files and accusations of sex purchase 

c) continuous education and training of cyber torte counsellors (warning and reporting pimps and sex buyers by monitoring online chatting application, and reporting to Korea Communication Standards Commission, Police & Prosecutors’ Office, Cyber Bureau of Korean National Police)

d) online counseling application

e) legal | medical | psychotherapy counseling (supporting with comprehensive treatment of post traumatic stress disorder due to sexual exploitations along with the cooperation with Seoul Medical Association and affiliated hospitals)

f) connecting residence | education | job to the victims for self-supporting ability

g) taking legal actions in court against all forms of application for aggravation, introduction, and recommendation of prostitution with more than 40 lawyers within the center 

h) and finally, constructing global networks against sexually exploiting human trafficking and the forward base for anti-prostitution in Asia.

These hard working actions of “Teen Up” played a major role leading to change its awareness as to sex-trafficking, which led to make laws and policies concerning this issue in Korea, and to set up various national support systems in other countries. Step by step, “Teen Up” has been endeavoring & making its effort in tackling one of the hideous crimes the world is facing! Please join us & show your Support for the major project of “Teen-Up"!!  

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