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* Prep Yourself and Your Heart in Preventing Bullying!


  June 12, 2012 by PBC 

(a) A confident posture may put potential bullies off from targeting you and ignore a comment and walk away.

(b) Try not to be alone as much as possible, and keep in busy areas to avoid the bully.


(c) Keep a record of the bullying when take place. This will be useful when you try to prove how often it is happening.

(d)Find out about why the person/people bullies. This may help you to realize that it is not a personal attack on you.


* Confidence : An Important Factor In Preventing Bullying


December 30, 2012 by PBC 

(a) Bullies less likely pick on those who walk and sit with Confidence. Please Keep Your Head Up & Back Straight and Show Your Confidence all the time! Try to make it a habit! And whenever you confront the bullies; look straight into the bullies eyes & hold up your hands & say with Confidence, “STOP! What you are doing is not right!” Practice!

(b) It is not always other people who need to ask you to join them. You might be scared that the other person will say no, yet you need to be Confident that they will say Yes. Ask them with Confidence! "Can I join?" If not, hey, there are always other people you can be friends with! Therefore always try to be Confident!


* Helping the victims of bullying starts with You!

   August 1, 2013 by PBC 

Helping the victims of bullying can start with You by simply Talking to them, Inviting them for lunch or to Hang out with you and your besties. These actions will help our victims of bullying feel loved and not ignored. Let's try to be That First Nice Person and endeavor to make our schools & and our work places an environment where no bully should belong!


* PBC would like to recommend "9 Steps" when we confront bullying at schools, workplaces, etc.  

  November 21, 2013 by PBC 

(a) Composure : First of all do NOT be afraid the bullies. They are human as we are. Do not panic. Compose yourself when you face the bullies. Why? 

(b) Controller : Because what bullies want is Control and Reaction from the victims of bullying (i) to be scared of them (ii) to be angry at them or (iii) to be helpless. By taking away these Reactions (i) (ii) (iii), You Will Be the Controller. → And then what do I do? 

(c) Confidence : Keep Your Head Up & Back Straight and Show Your Confidence all the time. Try to Make it a Habit! 

(d) Compliment : Whenever you face the bullies try to Compliment them. Can be hard but please TRY. Like how nice they look or what you like about them & try to repeat that whenever you get to face the bullies. This not only makes you the Controller of the situation for it is not the Reactions (i) (ii) (iii) what the bullies had in mind, but also it is likely to Stop the bullying for it is hard to bully a person when the person is nice to you. 

(e) Courage : It is Important to Remember that it is not always other people who need to ask you to join them. You might be scared that the other person will say no, yet you need to have Courage. Ask them with Courage! "Can I join?" If not, hey, there are always other people you can be friends with! Thus have Courage to ask first! 

(f) Conversation : Try to Start a Conversation with the bullies. “Are you mad at me? or Did I do anything wrong?” By starting the conversation, again you will be the Controller of the situation, because what bullies want is not a conversation yet what they want is to bully you and get your reactions (i) (ii) (iii). And by Starting the Conversation, bullies will lose interest for they Cannot be the Controller of you. 

(g) Consultation : If you ever get to experience being bullied TALK & DISCUSS about your situation to the ones you trust (like parents, siblings, teachers, managers and etc.) Don't keep it to yourself. The more you hide the situation, the more difficult the situation is going to be. And if serious, report the incident to local law enforcement officer.

(h) Concentration : Concentrate on what you like to do. Music, Art, Science, Athletics etc. whatever you are interested in. You could always be the person who you dream of & eventually You Could Be the Person who Everybody Wants to Be. Start Now! Make and Follow your Dreams! 

(i) Continue : And Always Remember that the time of bullying is only TEMPORARY. Don't let the thoughts that you are being left out dominate you. You have many Promising  Years ahead of you. And we Guarantee that You Will Meet People who will Love you for Who You Are. Thus Continue to carry on with your Life with a Positive Mind! You are NEVER alone and You NEVER will be!


* Mental Health Awareness of The Bullied Victims

  September 1, 2014 by PBC 

It is a recognized fact that children & teens who were/are bullied or cyber-bullied  (e.g.  physical  violence,  calling names, posing threats, spreading lies)  by  their  peers  may  likely experience further  depression,  distress,  self-harm  and suicidal tendencies than  those  who  were/are  not bullied  or  cyber-bullied.  That is to say, children & teens who were/are bullied may likely face mental health issues.

May is “Mental Health Awareness Month”. It is a time for us to consider what steps to take to help our bullied victims to lessen their mental distress they are going through. The very first step we could take is to “Be a Friend” to the bullied. This step you take . .  will likely be the very First step in lessening the hardships of the bullied you reached out for . . and will likely be Everything to them! Thus reach out and . . Be a Friend!


* How To Prevent Cyberbullying

   September 12, 2014 by PBC 

(a) Do Not React to Any Messages. What bullies want is a Reaction. Therefore when you receive any messages, your best form of defense, in online bullying, is to ignore it at all times.

(b) Try saving the harassing messages or emails which could help you resolve the situation in case you need to prove your situation to the officials.

(c) Yet if Texts, Telephone calls or Emails persist, Report the incidents to your Service Provider, with Details. Additionally, use Preferences or Privacy Tools to Block the person. And if it is in chat, Leave the chat room. 

(d) Change your Cell/Telephone Number and Email Account. Be careful who you give your new contact details in the future.

(e) Always tell your situation to the Person you Trust. Like parents, siblings, teachers, managers and etc. And if serious, report the incident to local law enforcement officer.

(f) People sending abusive telephone calls and emails is usually "ILLEGAL", Take Action (a) – (e).


* 4 Actions The "Bullies" Must Consider & Do

  November 11, 2014 by PBC  

(i) Before you say any words ponder of what you are trying to say that could hurt other people (If not, you may likely be hurt more than you have hurt other people in the future. Therefore be Nice.)

(ii) Bullying other people is a Bad Habit, like smoking or using drugs, that needs to be Cured (Talk to an adult/adults or a person/people you trust. They will Help you find ways to be Nicer to others.)

(iii) If you feel like to be mean to other people, try to find other acts to do (Walk in the nature, Read books, Play sports, Talk to a friend, etc. Make yourself busy by being Productive.)

(iv) Keep in mind that everyone is Different (Not better or worse, "Just Different") & If you have Bullied other person/people in the past, please "Apologize" (Everyone will feel Better.)


* Refugees Welcome 

  December 4, 2014 by PBC 

Deep Respect and Gratitude to the Countries and Its People . .

who are showing compassion standing up for . .

helping and welcoming the Syrian Refugees at their difficult time . .

Very Touched . . .


* Purple Day & Spirit Day 

  December 28, 2014 by PBC 

Let's Stand against Bullying . . Stand Up for LGBT Youth . . 


* What we could do when we confront bullying at  

  school, work places, etc.:

  November 4, 2015 by PBC 

(a) Confident Posture 
(b) Remain Calm 
(c) Look the bully in the eye & Calmly and Clearly say 'Stop' 
(d) Walk away 
--> Repeat 1 - 4


* Let's Be Nice  

  January 21, 2016 by PBC

Let's be Nice . . 

(Please . . let's by)


Lending our Hands . . 
(Be a  Friend
to people who need us . . in their difficult times) 


Lending our Ears . . 
(Listen carefully to people who need us . . in their difficult times) 


Lending our Voice . . 
(Talk sincerely to people who need us . . in their difficult times)


* Human Rights Day

  December 11, 2016 by PBC 

Every People in Every Community has Inherent Rights to live in a Bully-Free & Violence-Free Environment . . 


* When we Witness Bullying . . 

  January 17, 2017 by PBC  

Let’s Try to Keep on Reaching out for Help . . to the People you Trust . .

such as . . 
School counselors at school; 

Managers at work; 
Police officers (if serious) . . 

Let’s Not . . be a mere bystander . .


* PinkShirtDay . . PinkItForward . . 

  February 18, 2017 by PBC 

Kindness makes a difference . . 
Let's be Kind to Yourself & to Others . . Everyday . . 

Please Read-only Restrict copy paste All Rights Reserved . . Peace Within Your Lifetime . . Thank You
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