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  * "I Don't Deserve It" by Amanda McCarthy 

  June 12, 2013 by PBC  

PBC is Happy to Support singer/songwriter Amanda McCarthy from Boston Massachusetts who is an avid anti-bullying supporter, who wrote this Wonderful anti-bullying music "I don't deserve it." This song is about the turning point when bullying victims become empowered to rise above the bullies and be strong. Amanda and PBC hope the message of this anti-bullying music will reach millions of bullied victims worldwide and help people to learn how to deal with this serious situation! The Lyrics are Touching and the music gives Strength and Hope!


   * "Doesn't Make You Cool" by Katie Panucci

   September 4, 2013 by PBC 

PBC is Happy to Support singer/songwriter Katie Panucci from Australia who is an avid anti-bullying supporter. This Wonderful Debut Single "Doesn't make you cool" of Katie is about having a voice among her peers about the terror of being bullied, and the devastating impact it has on the victims, family and friends. Katie, who was then 14, wrote this music with her father assisting with the note structure hoping that the message conveyed in this track makes people of all ages to ponder & reflect on the potential/actual consequences of bullying actions. The Lyrics are Touching and the Song gives Strength and Hope!


* "Blame : The Film" by Loxley Pictures

   November 26, 2013 by PBC

PBC is Happy to Support and be Part of a Good-Cause-Film “Blame” which will be created as a film that touches on several unfortunate realities in our world -- Bullying, School shootings and Teenage suicide -- from a fresh, thought-provoking perspective. The main purpose of the filmmakers of “Loxely Pictures” who are in the process of creating this wonderful film is to allow audiences to better see themselves, their town, and their families in the story and make relatable connections to their own lives touching on the serious and critical issue of bullying. We are hoping the film could be later adapted into a play (i.e., theater).   


 * "Band of Brothers" by WCVB Boston

    December 28, 2013 by PBC 

PBC would like to share a Touching story of  boys from Bridgewater, MA to show they are Truly Wise Beyond their Years. Such a Touching & a Heartwarming Story! Let's make these Wise Boys' Enlightened & Good Deed a Paragon and make efforts to make every school and workplace a bully-free environment!


 * "Beautifully Different" by Charisse Hogan 

    February 21, 2014 by PBC 

PBC would like to share a Touching story of 19-year-old Charisse Hogan (a member of PBC) who has been struggling with Cerebral Palsy, Low Tone and Ataxia. Growing up as a disabled person, Charisse had struggles accepting herself because of the bullying she went through. Therefore now Charisse wants to remind others that they are unique and beautiful and being different is not bad! Charisse spent two weeks making this wonderful poem video; worked on it for several hours each day; using 363 photos of her own drawings. Charisse says that the video talks about her life from when she was born up to when she graduated from high school; the struggles she have faced through life and overcoming these struggles. Charisse deeply hopes sharing her story will help others understand about disabilities and help those who are going through struggles to always keep hope and never give up and let them know that Life does get better! The Video is Touching and the Message of Charisse gives Strength & Hope!


  * "I'm Good" by BT Project  (Click Here) 


      July 12, 2014 by PBC




PBC is Happy to Support and be Part of the Wonderful 'BTproject (Band Together Project)' which the purpose is to turn the pain into positivity and try to put an end to bullying. You may participate by telling your experience in the form of video, music, poetry, fashion ideas or business plans you always had in mind concerning bullying which will be viewed and then turned into an inspirational music that will be written by songwriters Clinton Sparks & Kylie Morgan & The Mowgli.


* "Please Don't Let Anyone Be Treated Like This Boy Was" by 

   November 21, 2015 by PBC 

 PBC would like to share a Heartbreaking Story . .

 Wordless . . 


* "Ronan's Escape" by Smooth Motion Media Group 

   November 18, 2016 by PBC 

PBC would like to share a Heartbreaking Short Film . .

Wordless . . 


 * "Speak UP! Song" by Sebastian Rydgren (Click Here) 

    September 6, 2016 by PBC 

PBC is happy to Support and be Part of the Wonderful Global Company “Speak UP!” that provides schools an opportunity to Prevent Harassment, Bullying, and Conflict that take place on campus and over the internet. With the Speak UP! application, students learn to Speak Up! for themselves and for others while Aiding to make their schools a Safer place. Students in schools across several countries such as United States, Sweden and United Kingdom, are already using the Speak UP! application and Teaming UP and Standing UP for themselves and others! 


* "A Girl Like Grace" by Leverage Films 

  December 4, 2016 by PBC 

PBC is Happy to be Part in spreading the word . .

as to the serious Issue of Bullying with the Wonderful Cast & Crew of . .

the Movie "A Girl Like Grace" . .

a film . . that deals with . .

How Bullying . . could Affect the Life of a person in various ways . .
and . . The Importance . . as to the Prevention . . of Bullying . . 

* Department of Defense Education Activity

  November 12, 2017 by PBC 

When adults respond quickly and consistently to bullying behavior, research shows this can stop bullying behavior in time. Parents, school staff, and other adults in the community can help kids prevent bullying by talking about it, building a safe school environment, and creating a community-wide bullying prevention strategy.

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