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* Operation Smile 

   July 4, 2012 by PBC   

PBC is Happy to Support and be Part of (Partner # WBC110802081) a Wonderful non-profit organization "Operation Smile" since July 2012. Hope you join us and give Love & Hope for the Children who deserve to have an opportunity to smile, breathe and live a full happy & healthy life! 

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* PAVE Campaign 

   February 11, 2014 by PBC 

PBC is Happy to Support and be Part of Campaign PAVE, since February 2014, which purpose is to help bring awareness to School violence & Domestic violence we allow into our lives through media. Campaign PAVE is founded by Non-profit organization 'Paving the Way to Peace,' committed to teach peace through character education. The goal of Campaign PAVE is to get people to join and commit to watching no violence on Feb. 12th which will be continuing every year commit to 2 days. You can participate by sending in pictures and videos showing how you are supporting the importance of "Non-violence". All pictures, videos and words will be used for PAVE Non-Violence video which will be shown worldwide to alert the seriousness of Violence at schools, houses, public places, etc.


* Positively Inclined 

   September 2, 2014 by PBC 

PBC is Happy to Support and be Part of the Wonderful “Positively Inclined”, since Feb 2014, located in the Caribbean Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis, founded by Mr. Ervin Welsh for the purpose of making the world better by encouraging people to be (i) motivated (ii) inclined to consciously exert the effort to be positive! If you have a specific focus, interest and passion to a certain issue, “Positively Inclined” will make its best efforts to help you to successfully engage in that issue and change your corner of the earth!

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* Human Rights Campaign 

  April 2, 2015 by PBC 


PBC is Happy to be Part of "Human Rights Campaign (HRC)", the largest Civil Rights Organization working to achieve Equality for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Americans, since PBC  & HRC got connected via twitter on April 2015. HRC is Making Daily Efforts to Spread Awareness of the Significance of the Rights of Every LGBT in Every State! Please join HRC with PBC to Help Stop LGBT Discrimination!


* RUN, WALK, ROLL against Bullying  

  June 12, 2015 by PBC 

PBC is Happy to Support and be Part of the Wonderful non-profit organization PACER National Bullying Prevention Center, "RUN, WALK, ROLL against Bullying - Nationwide Events", along with Ms. Julie Hertzog, the Director of PACER.. RUN, WALK, ROLL against Bullying is a family-friendly event held by schools, businesses and communities to show the commitment to keep students safe at school, in the community, and on-line. The event is to be Supportive: A time for students, parents and communities to show they care; Educational: An opportunity to provide information on how to address bullying & Memorable: An event to inspire and make a difference.

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* Salesian Boys & Girls Club 

  September 16, 2015 by PBC 


PBC is Happy to Support and be Part of the Wonderful non-profit organization “Salesian Boys & Girls Club”. The mission of “Salesian Boys & Girls Club” since 1966, through its countless education and service, is to inspire and enable the thousands of at-risk and economically disadvantaged children & teens and the surrounding communities to realize their full potential as productive, responsible and caring citizens and to support their families in this effort.


* Rescue From the Hart  

  September 21, 2015 by PBC 


Victims of bullying is limited to both humans and to all Innocent Animal near us. And the abuse and bullying linked to violence and cruelty involving animal is a crucial issue that needs to be prevented. PBC is Happy to Support and be Part of the Wonderful non-profit organization “Rescue From The Hart”, founded by Annie Hart and her husband - James Hart, after years of Advocacy and Animal Rescue. “Rescue From The Hart” has been fighting for Animal Rights for several years now serving and educating the public through various different programs. The mission of “Rescue From The Hart" is to save abused and abandoned animals from local shelters and the streets, providing each of the rescues with top-notch medical and emotional care through trusted vets, trainers and ultimately finding them loving forever homes.

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* Children and Youth Development Association (CYDA)

  November 6, 2015 by PBC 

PBC is Happy to Support and be Part of the Wonderful organization “CYDA (Children and Youth Development Association),” established in 1997 and located in Chiang Mai, Thailand, which is a non-governmental organization which its purpose is (a) to support disadvantaged children from poor backgrounds or broken home families and (b) to improve their quality of life by (i) giving the children the opportunity to receive a higher education, (ii) providing education and training about agriculture, ecology and environmental conservation, and (iii) helping the children with far better employment prospects in order to give the children the best possible opportunity for a happy and successful future.


* Safer Internet Day (SID)

  February 8, 2016 by PBC 

PBC is Happy to Support and be Part of the Wonderful organization “Safer Internet Day (SID)", which was established in 2004 as an initiative of EU (European Union) SafeBorders project, which aims to Raise Awareness of emerging online issues such as cyber bullying to online networking. February 9th is the Safer Internet Day for a Better & Safer Internet! For a Better Internet, You could also Play a Crucial Part!

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Health and Education for All (HEAL) & KISES INDIA

  April 14, 2016 by PBC 

PBC is Happy to Support and be Part of the Wonderful organizations “HEAL (Health and Education for All)” and “KISES INDIA”. HEAL is a registered charity organization, committed to providing Shelter, Education and Health care for needy children. HEAL currently has a number of projects including the Village of Heal Children in Guntur; Paradise Village, currently under construction in Thotapalli, and Poverty Trap scheme. Through these projects HEAL is working hard to provide Homes, Food, Education and Medical care for over 1,500 orphaned and underprivileged children. KISES INDIA, is a registered charity organization, committed to providing Water and Sanitation facilities/training to the people who have limited communication facilities, limited access to drinking water, education or skills training and healthcare in Edurumondi Island and Pedapatnam. KISES INDIA have worked hard with communities on Adult literacy, Health (preventative and curative aspects, Agriculture, relief and rehabilitation programs, Environmental Issues & Vocational training/upgrading of skills, etc.)


* Voices for Arctic Movement 

  June 28, 2016 by PBC 


Please join PBC in supporting Voices for Arctic movement! As many people know, "Arctic Melting" has dire impact on all of us. That is, ice-free Arctic will mean there is less ice to reflect sunshine back out into space, meaning the ocean absorbs the energy instead, making the earth even warmer. Ice-free Arctic will slow the growth of phytoplankton. Please Join Us to "have the Arctic declared a Protected Area", which may likely be the first step that we all could make to protect our Earth from global warming and its negative results before it is too late!

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* Speak UP! 

  September 6, 2016 by PBC  

PBC is Happy to Support and be Part of the Wonderful company “Speak UP!” that provides schools an opportunity to Prevent Harassment, Bullying, and Conflict that take place on campus & internet. With the Speak UP! application, students learn to Stand Up for themselves and for others while Helping to Make their schools a Safer place. Students in Schools across several countries such as United States, Sweden and United Kingdom, are already using the Speak UP! application and Standing UP and Speaking UP for themselves and others! Please Join Us!


* Citizens' Alliance for North Korean Human Rights (NKHR) 

  November 12, 2016 by PBC 

PBC is Happy to Support and be Part of the Wonderful NGO “Citizens’ Alliance for North Korean Human Rights (“NKHR”),” the oldest NGO (since 1966) in the world, devoted exclusively to North Korean Human Rights, bringing Human Rights Violations in North Korea to the attention of the U.N. and the International Community. “NKHR” has been playing a Central Role in:

(i) the Establishment of the U.N. Commission of Inquiry for North Korea and the U.N. Special Rapporteur on the Situation of Human Rights in North Korea;
(ii) Consistently Informing the International Community with in-depth research of the Human Rights Conditions in North Korea;
(iii) Providing Reliable Assistance to North Korean Refugees hiding in Third Countries and offering established Resettlement Programs for North Korean Youth in South Korea; and
(iv) Raising Awareness about North Korean Human Rights Violations, the situation of North Korean Refugees, and the Resettlement Process of North Koreans in South Korea

In North Korea, according to “NKHR” & Human Rights Watch, All Basic Freedoms have been severely restricted under the Kim family’s political dynasty. This Horrendous act, so-called “the invisible 2nd Holocaust”, has been going on for decades in North Korea. 


With the help of “NKHR”, U.N. Commission of Inquiry found that abuses in North Korea were without parallel in the contemporary world. They include extermination, murder, enslavement, torture, imprisonment, rape, forced abortions, and other sexual violence. North Korea operates secretive prison camps where perceived opponents of the government are sent to face gruesom torture and abuse, starvation rations, and forced labor. Fear of collective punishment is used to silence dissent. There is no religious freedom, functioning civil society, independent media which is the sole method to plea for help. And this needs to and must Change!!

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"Dasarang Hope Campaign" is under construction . .

* Dasarang Hope Campaign (다사랑희망캠패인) 

  March 28, 2017 by PBC 

PBC is Happy to Support and be Part of the Wonderful NGO “Dasarang Hope Campaign,” a registered charity organization (since 2007) committed to fight poverty and aid low-income & underprivileged people. The Campaign is mainly devoted to:


(a) providing scholarships, internet lectures, PC computers, stationeries, costs of school uniforms & school food, books, reference books, educational consultation and improvement of educational environment to the low-income and underprivileged children and teens;


(b) providing Development Fund for ‘the Children Center (Support Services for underprivileged children)’;

(c) providing Development Fund for ‘Elderly Nursing Home’;

(d) providing Development Fund for ‘Rehabilitation Center for the Disabled’;

(e) providing funds to build a school in rural Africa;

(f) and . . providing living expenses such as daily necessities, heating, utilities, infant child care, groceries, medical emergency, and part of rent & deposit to the people in extreme poverty with no financial support . . 

Please Read-only Restrict copy paste All Rights Reserved . . Peace Within Your Lifetime . . Thank You
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